How It Helps Your Business

A pitch desk is a table that stands up so you can type or write on it from above. Developed by carpenters, this simple tool has helped many people around the world with their typing and writing needs. How does using one of these desks help your business? It’s all in the height! Typing and writing at eye level increases blood flow to your brain which helps improve productivity levels as well as creativity markers like focus and concentration. When you work standing there are also no interruptions such as phone calls; just pure uninterrupted time for getting things done efficiently while feeling great about yourself at the same time! Check out this perfect Pitch Deck for business improvement.

One of the reasons why people are being encouraged to use standing desks is because they help with weight loss. They also improve your posture, reduce back pain and increase productivity levels- it’s no wonder so many companies are switching over! Organizations like Google have even made them mandatory for their employees; encouraging a more healthy office environment where focus isn’t hindered by chronic or acute health issues caused by sitting down all day long…

Pitch Deck

I found that using a pitch desk helps me get into my groove and boosts creativity as well as concentration when I am trying to write blog posts. It’s been such an awesome experience that I wanted to share for all of you!

How to Make a Pitch Desk: If you’re not ready to purchase an expensive desk from the store, then making your own is always better. Check out how I made my very own standing desk for under $30!

– Buy two pieces of wood that are equal in length and width; mine were about 12 inches by 18 inches

– Lay them on top each other with at least one inch left open space between them

– Find some hinges and screws or nails – use these items coupled with the leftover scrap wood to create a square hole inside of which there will be room for your legs when sitting down. The best type of hinge would be L shaped so it can close up like a door without any gaps.

– Place the hinges on the open side of one piece and then place this in front of, but not touching, its mate. Put screws or nails to hold it together at both angles where they touch each other – don’t worry about securing them tightly since you are going to be closing up your desk when using it.